Gadgets to bring for your next trip

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1. Wifi Enabled Camera

For every trip, it is a must to bring a camera with you apart from your smartphone camera. There are so many types of cameras to choose from, depending on what type of traveler you are. You can bring a handy Mirrorless Fujifilm camera, which is ideal for travelers who don’t want to miss a single shot of her surroundings. Or you can bring a GoPro action camera, for those who want to go on a heart pumping adventure. Cameras nowadays are Wifi enabled, wherein you can easily transfer your photos to your smartphone or to your tablet. This is perfect for real time uploads on you social media account.

For me, I use Canon EOS 750D. It has been my companion in so many travels and concerts. Although it is bulky, I prefer to use a DSLR because I like playing around with the lens. While you can do the same with a Mirrorless camera, I still prefer using a DSLR because I can shoot better using the viewfinder.

To know more on which camera to use on different trips, read this blog at

2. Instax Share Printer

If you’re the type of person who likes to have their photos printed, apart from having a digital copy of it, then Instax Share Printer is perfect for you. Being an old soul trapped in a 20(something) y/o body, I love the way how it adds this nostalgic feel to every photo. Plus, you can edit the photos using your smartphone before pressing the print button. What I really like about the Instax Share is that it’s very light and portable – perfect for traveling!

Watch the unboxing video by Erin Lawrence hereOr read the full review at

3. Smartphone

Smartphones are the most useful piece of technology for every traveler. Other than communication, smartphones nowadays can be used as a camera, flashlight, music player, translator, map, and so much more! With all the built in functions of your phone, plus the available applications that are handy for travelers, a smartphone can be your best companion for traveling. 

You can choose a smartphone depending on your budget and the features that you need. Of course, there are benefits to spending a little more but not everyone needs the extra features of some high-end phones. Some phones that I personally like are: Huawei P10, Iphone 7, Moto G5 plus, LG G6, and my current favorite: the limited edition Justice League Ekonic Smart phone.

(Photo from Ekonic's Facebook Page)

Ekonic is a hero lifestyle brand that creates iconic functional collectibles. Recently, Ekonic introduced their Justice League Smart Phones, the first in the world, packed with unique features and accessories. It has a 5.5-inch HD display, 8.0 Megapixel rear camera and it runs on a quad core MediaTek processor with 2GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Perfect for geeks and travelers like me!

For more info on Ekonic Smartphone, read this full review at

4. Powerbank or Portable Charger

Walking around and exploring all day while using your gadgets can drain its battery. Chances are, you’ll be using your smartphone to take photos, search online and navigate through google maps and these activities can leave your battery dry. Good thing powebanks and portable batteries are available and handy! Save yourself from trouble by investing in a powerbank like this stylish Ekonic Powerbank with 8,000 mAh to keep your gadgets charged all day. 

5. Universal Adapter

Different parts of the world use different voltage and plug types. Personally, I think the universal travel adapter is a must for every traveler because it can save you the hassle of being unable to plug your gadgets. It’s small, compact and can help you charge your gadgets anywhere you go.   

So those are our five essential travel gadgets that make our trips convenient yet interesting. How about you, what is your favorite gadget that you bring with you on your travels? Let us know on the comments below and you just might win a Wonder Woman Ekonic Justice League Headphone!

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