My Unplanned Trip to La Union

2:38 AM

You’ve gotta love La Union’s vibe.

My friend and I have been itching to go to the beach and escape the city before the summer ends. So without thinking it over too much, we’ve decided to go to La Union without any itinerary.

They say that La Union is the best place to fall in love, or that’s what I’ve heard from JP Habac’s I’m Drunk, I Love You. But nah. We’re not here for that. We’re just here to surf and chill. 

We took the last bus to La Union at around 12 midnight so we can maximize our trip on the following day. We had no idea on how to go to La Union; we just figured it out on the day of our trip. The bus ride was very comfortable since we chose to ride the deluxe bus that costs around 540 pesos. 

We were lucky enough to book a room online in Flotsam & Jetsam Hostel because the place is always full. This quaint hippie hostel is our top-of-mind hostel because, as we’ve seen in photos, the hostel really gives this cool and lazy beach vibes.  And every corner here is very instagrammable. Will definitely write another blog about that!

We arrived in La Union at around 6:30AM so we just stayed in front of the beach while we wait for our reservation. We were supposed to check in at 11:00AM but we asked the front desk if we can check in earlier. Luckily, they were accommodating enough to grant our request for as early as 9:00AM. 

After we took a shower and a quick power nap, we headed straight to Flotsam’s Kitchenbar for brunch, and for a quick photoshoot. I love everything about Flotsam & Jetsam – the interiors, the people, the vibe and, of course, the food.

Having no plans for this trip was totally different from what I usually do when I travel. I usually have this printed detailed itinerary to keep me guided on the timings, prices and how-to’s. But for this trip, I just want to have a lazy afternoon by the beach.

Danica, the mastermind of this short notice trip to La Union. 

Flotsam’s breakfast menu: Daing na bangus, and Crispy Bacon with egg and brown rice.

After brunch, we went to El Union Coffee, which is a 5-minute walk from Flotsam & Jetsam.

Coffee break with Marga (left) and Danica (right).

There’s this one area in FlotJet that I would like to call "The Social Kubo”. This is where the guests chill and enjoy other group’s company under one hut. But since we went there on a weekday, FlotJet was not that crowded and only a few people were in the “Social Kubo”. We saw, however, some famous peeps like Luis Hontiveros, Jacob Benedicto, and Jeff Ortega. 

I had a glass of white Sangria before we head to the beach for a surfing sesh.

Hailed as the Surfing Capital of the North, La Union became one of the hotspots for free-spirited and adventurous individuals.  I have been to other surfing spots like Baler, but I would still consider La Union as the best place to learn. Baler can be really crowded, wherein you have to find a good spot to surf without hitting the people near you. But in La Union’s surf town, I can easily ride the waves freely.  

Timing is really important if you want to catch some good swell. When we went here, the ocean seemed a little flat; only a few good swells pop every now and then. The locals said that La Union gets the best waves on July, and during rainy season. We’ll definitely take note of that!

Danica (left) is regular footed, while I’m goofy footed.

It was my nth time to surf so I was able to stand easily on the board. My instructor taught me how to turn on both sides. I really want to be a pro surfer so bad! Or at least learn how to ride good waves for my upcoming trip to Bali.

Our instructors gave us additional minutes so we surfed until the sun went down.

I was lying on back with my fingers digging in the sand as I watch the sky turn orange. 

Elyu's sunset is really a sight to see. If Boracay is famous for its pinkish sky sunsets, well,  La Union of famous for its fiery orange sunsets. 

The sunset marked the end of a good day, and the start of an awesome night. 

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