Meguro River: Paint the Town Pink!

8:45 PM

Meguro River is the perfect spot for nighttime Sakura viewing in Tokyo, wherein the sky is literally lighted in neon pink. It has about 800 Cherry Blossom trees planted on both sides of the river bank. The pink glow at night occurs at the start of spring time, when the Sakura flowers are blooming and pink Bombori lanterns are lit.

We have just arrived in Tokyo, and what better way to spend the evening than to see the Sakura Illuminations in Meguro River after a 5-hour flight from Manila. Our timing was perfect because the Sakura’s full bloom usually lands on the first week of April. During spring time, the place is crowded with tourists and photographers. When we first saw the Cherry Blossom trees from a distance, it literally painted the whole sky pink! The view was surreal. The images in Google are not lying!

Shops and food stalls are also located within the area. I recommend the grilled pork skewers that cost 500 YEN; these are commonly sold around the vicinity. Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki are also available, as well as desserts such as Bebi Kasutera or brown Japanese sponge cakes.

The beautiful scenery in Meguro River is reflecting the pink lights from the Bombori lanterns. The best spot to take a good photo is in the middle of Shukuyama Bridge.

Complete your Hanami experience with a glass of Sakura Champagne for only 500 YEN.

Meguro River is one of the most popular Hanami Spots in Tokyo because of its dreamlike view. In Japan, the word Hanami is a term used pertaining to the Japanese tradition of Sakura flower viewing. For them, Sakura trees serve as reminders for them to cherish the beautiful things in life while it still last because Sakura flowers only bloom for about a week or two. 

From Shinagawa Station
  •          Take YAMANOTE LINE, towards Shibuya/Shinjuku (Clockwise)
  •          4th Stop: Ebisu Station (Osaki, Gotanda, Meguro, Ebisu Station)
  •          Transfer to HIBIYA LINE, towards Naka-Meguro
  •          1st Stop: Naka-Meguro Station
  •          4-minute walk from Naka-Meguro Station

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