10 Tips for planning your trip to Tokyo

9:34 PM

 1. List down all the spots you want to visit

Provide a list of all the tourist spots you want to see, and all the activities you want to do in Tokyo, Japan. Don’t keep in mind first the location and price – just list it all down!

2. Read travel blogs

Take it from those who have been there.

Read travel blogs so you’ll have an idea on how to navigate around Tokyo. You can also learn how to maximize your experience for each destinations. These travel blogs can inspire you when making your detailed itinerary.

3. Befriend Google Maps
Whatever bad experiences you’ve had with Google Maps before, forget all about it and start befriending him again. Yup, I got lost a couple of times because of Google Maps, but it is the best option out there.

Google Maps will provide the most convenient route from Point A to Point B. It will also provide train schedules and fares, so you’ll have an idea how much are the train fees in Japan.

From there, you can start plotting your listed destinations, and then come up with a detailed itinerary on how to maximize each day.

4.  Prepare your OOTDs per day

This is my favorite part of the process. When you’re done with your detailed itinerary, it’s time to plan your wardrobe schedule. This is very crucial because you would want to look your best in your travel photos.

5. Make a shot list

With the help of travel blogs, come up with a shotlist for each destination. If you are one of those guys who need to maintain their IG feed, then having a shotlist will come in handy for you.

You can even screencap some shot pegs on Instagram for inspirations; just tweak it so you won’t look like a copycat.

6. Buy or reserve your tickets before the trip

This is very important. You should buy/reserve your tickets, 1 month before your trip. If you are planning to visit the interiors of Imperial Palace, you should book your reservation in this link, for free.

Same goes for Mount Fuji Daytrip and Tokyo DisneySea. Get your e-tickets printed before the trip to avoid lining up in the queue and to also avoid the horror of having it sold out.

7. Budget your money

Again, thanks to Google Maps, we now have an idea on how much JPY to allocate for transportation. You just need to allocate for food, entrance fees, souvenirs, and of course, shopping!

8. Rent a pocket WiFi

Always. I repeat. Always have a pocket wifi when travelling in Japan. This will help you navigate around the city and to keep your lines open for communication. Plus, you’ll be needing it for real time postings on Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve been using Pupuru Wifi since I first went to Japan. I highly recommend it, not just because of its high speed internet but it is also very convenient in terms of claiming and returning the unit. Check out their website here.

9. Forget your diet

If you are in the middle of your diet, I suggest you leave them at home, then go eat your heart out in Japan. I mean it. Forget about your diet and enjoy authentic Japanese food. Japan is not the best place to visit if you’re on a diet.

10. Make memories

Lastly, don’t forget to put down your camera for a minute and just enjoy the moment. You don’t always have to capture every moment in photos. You just have to live those moments.

I am bound for Japan soon, and just by planning my itinerary, I can already tell that this will be one heck of a trip. See you soon, Cherry B!

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