Boston's 8 Instagrammable Spots

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Boston has its own charm that attracts people who love being in the city. Like New York City, the Beantown has so much to offer like sports, music, food and bright city lights. But what sets Boston apart from other cities in the east coast, is the old fashioned style and slow-paced life (compared to NYC) amidst the city.

If you are up to get lost somewhere in the city just to find a perfect Instagram spot, then Boston is the best place. That’s what happened to me when I discovered some of the hidden gems in this city.

In this listicle is your guide to Boston’s Top Instagrammable spots you don’t wanna miss.

1. Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is a portal to another era, as it takes you back to the 1800s. The library is endowed with books, manuscripts, artworks and treasures. Up from the main vestibule, down to the grand staircase, the Boston Public Library is definitely the perfect spot for an old-fashion-themed photo. 

My favorite spot is the McKim Courtyard – this spot draws the line between #1 and #2 for me. 

2. Acorn Street

You may have probably missed this, but this street got featured in the movie, What’s your Number, starring Chris Evans and Anna Farris. Yes, Chris Evans walked on this very street

We had a difficulty finding this small street because it is hidden in the heart of Boston. But it was all worth it.

3. Harvard University

TIP: Don’t take the Harvard tour organized by the students. They don’t allow enough time for the tourists to take good photos. My suggestion is, take a free map and get lost on your own. In that way, you’ll have ample time to take IG worthy photos.

Feast your eyes with some old fashioned buildings, where people like Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, John F. Kennedy and Mark Zuckerburg used to study.

Hah-vahd. Yes, the letter R is silent. That’s how the locals say it.

4. Corner of Prince Street & Salem Street

This iconic building is probably the most instagrammed spot in Boston. Located in Boston North End, this neighborhood is hailed as the city’s oldest residential community. This area is composed of cafes, restaurants, pubs and taverns. While you’re in here, make sure to drop by the Old North Church along Salem Street.

5. Boston Harbor Walk

47 miles of picturesque skyline – definitely the best place to take a photo of the Boston skyline. The best time to visit is at twilight, when the sun is ready to vanish and when the city lights are starting to come alive.

6. Boston Public Garden & Boston Common

Your trip to Boston would not be complete if you missed these two parks. Located at the heart of Boston, these adjacent parks serve as a “mini central park” of Boston. During winter season, the Frog Pond becomes a makeshift outdoor skating rink.

There are plenty of squirrels in both parks! Make sure you brought almonds, the squirrels here are very friendly. And greedy.

7. Trinity Church at Copley Square

Boston is known for its old-fashioned architectural style that is common among small commercial buildings, state houses, schools and churches – one of which is the Trinity Church in Copley Square. The Episcopal Church was constructed in 1877, bearing the Richardsonian Romanesque touch both in its interiors and exteriors.

The interiors are heavy on details such as figures, murals and stained glass windows.

Tip: Go to the left side of the church where the statue of Philip Brooks Statue is situated. THE BEST IG SPOT.

8. Fenway Park & House of Blues

Sports and music are just around the corner of Lansdowne Street, where the home of the Red Sox is across the House of Blues in Boston. The best time to take the ballpark tour is late afternoon, so that by the end of the tour when the sun is down, the lights in the House of Blues are lit.

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